“Election Fraud Cases Sow Doubts About Legal Profession’s Future”

Bloomberg Law:

Penalties and discipline against a dozen attorneys over Trump-fueled election challenges probably won’t discourage similar fraud suits in the future, legal experts say.

Lawyers behind dismissed cases in several states have been cited for violating professional standards requiring candor in the courtroom and barring the filing of suits not backed up by fact or law.

The repudiation of the “unsubstantiated claims was a reassuring validation of the rules as courts have historically applied them,” said Charles Geyh, a legal and judicial ethics professor at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law.

Courts rose to the occasion, Geyh said, but the discipline might not be enough to stop lawyers from being involved in similar challenges in the future.

No one’s been disbarred yet despite calls from some for severe discipline, especially after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot by Donald Trump supporters energized by his claims of a stolen election. Sanctions range from a temporary license suspension for Rudy Giuliani to sharply worded judicial dressing downs and orders to pay court costs and other fees.

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