“Arizona mystery: Did the Cyber Ninjas botch another 2020 presidential recount attempt?”

Steven Rosenfeld:

Did the Cyber Ninjas botch another attempt to recount Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential ballots—an attempt that, so far, has escaped wide media coverage?

It appears, at the very least, that a contract signed on July 28 by the Cyber Ninjas—the lead contractor in the Arizona Senate Republicans’ election review—and Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, a Boston-based technologist and unsuccessful GOP U.S. Senate candidate, indicated that all 2020 election results would be tallied by August—and that deadline has now been missed.

An Arizona Republic report about Dr. Shiva, as he is known on social media, and the contract quoted Randy Pullen, the Senate review’s spokesman, as saying that Ayyadurai’s tally of the votes on digital images of 2.1 million paper ballots (created by vote-count scanners) was “sidetracked because the data was corrupted.” Pullen said “only 60 percent of the ballots were accessible.”

“We couldn’t do anything with it,” Pullen said. “The corruption was done at the county.”

County officials contest that claim. Megan Gilbertson, Maricopa County Elections Department communication director, said the department had confirmed that the ballot image data set given to the Cyber Ninjas was complete and accessible, and that the Senate’s latest subpoenas of county records did not seek another copy.

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