Congratulations on the New “Journal of Free Speech” for Its Inaugural Issue; Symposium on “Free Speech and Social Media Platform Regulation”

This is an absolutely outstanding start. Looking forward to diving into this symposium (I’ve read Eugene Volokh’s piece in here and will be responding to it in my upcoming “Cheap Speech” book):

Symposium: Free Speech and Social Media Platform Regulation

Jack M. Balkin, How to Regulate (and Not Regulate) Social Media 71

Ashutosh Bhagwat, Do Platforms Have Editorial Rights? 97

Adam Candeub, Reading Section 230 as Written 139

Adam Candeub & Eugene Volokh, Interpreting 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(2) 175

Eric Goldman & Jess Miers, Online Account Terminations/Content Removals and the Benefits of Internet Services Enforcing Their House Rules   191

Daphne Keller, Amplification and Its Discontents: Why Regulating the Reach of Online Content Is Hard 227

Kyle Langvardt, Can the First Amendment Scale? 273

Mark A. Lemley, The Contradictions of Platform Regulation 303

Alan Z. Rozenshtein, Silicon Valley’s Speech: Technology Giants and the Deregulatory First Amendment 337

Eugene Volokh, Treating Social Media Platforms Like Common Carriers? 377

Christopher S. Yoo, The First Amendment, Common Carriers, and Public Accommodations: Net Neutrality, Digital Platforms, and Privacy 463

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