PILF’s Christian Adams Threatens to Sue Sen. Whitehouse for Defamation, and Organization Distances Itself, Ever So Slightly, From John Eastman (Without Ever Mentioning His Name)

This paragraph of the letter about John Eastman caught my eye:

Second, your letter then wrongly states “[m]any of these same groups were involved in planning and organizing President Trump’s ‘Save America Rally.’” The same paragraph creates the false inference that somehow the Public Interest Legal Foundation was one of those groups because one member of our board—a member who is an accomplished law professor, affiliated with multiple other organizations, and was affiliated with the President of the United States —appeared at the rally on the Ellipse. Your letter leaves out whether or not he was appearing at the rally as a representative of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. You chose not to mention that distinction because your objective was to smear our organization, not to convey facts.

And then there’s this about Eastman and Cleta Mitchell:

As I noted earlier, your letter calls into question the private actions of two Public Interest Legal Foundation board members. One spoke of the value of state legislatures exercising investigative powers into their respective election administration procedures in 2020. A second board member advocated for the President regarding post-election procedures. In other words, this board member acted as an election attorney.

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