“Compton city councilman charged with election rigging, bribery in race decided by one vote”

Stories like this show how rare fraud is–and how hard it is to get away with even on the very smallest of scales. It’s also a low turnout, narrow margin (i.e., 1), local election, where the risk of fraud is higher. From the Los Angeles Times:

A Compton city councilman was arrested Friday morning and charged with conspiring to rig votes to secure his victory in an election he won earlier this year by just one ballot, officials said.

Isaac Galvan, 34, was one of six people arrested Friday and charged with conspiracy to commit election fraud and bribery, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Prosecutors allege Galvan conspired with Jace Dawson, one of his opponents in an April primary for Galvan’s council seat, to direct voters from outside the council district to cast ballots in the race, according to the complaint.

At least three improper ballots were counted in the runoff election, ultimately swinging the race, according to the complaint. Galvan raked in 855 votes while Andre Spicer, a Compton native and entrepreneur, tallied 854 ballots in a June runoff election, records show.

Prosecutors also charged Dawson, Kimberly Chaouch, Toni Sanae Morris, Barry Kirk Reed and Reginald Orlando Streeter with conspiracy to commit election fraud. Chaouch, Morris, Reed and Streeter all voted in either the primary or runoff for the Compton City Council’s second district, despite not living there.

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