“No evidence that national conservative group Heritage Action lobbied for Iowa election law, ethics board says”

Following up on a May report, details at the Des Moines Register:

An Iowa ethics board has found no evidence that a national conservative organization illegally lobbied for an election law that cut the amount of time residents have to vote.

The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board opened an investigation into Heritage Action in May after video surfaced of the group’s executive director, Jessica Anderson, claiming credit for writing parts of the Iowa law.

The board, which oversees lobbying of state executive branch officials, voted unanimously Thursday to close the investigation.

“Our staff found no evidence at all of Heritage Action lobbying the governor’s office or the secretary of state’s office or any other executive branch agency,” said Board Chair James Albert, a Republican.

Anderson claimed in the video that “we worked quietly with the Iowa state Legislature” to pass the law, and that three provisions in the law “were directly written by the Heritage recommendation.”

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