Harvard Law and Policy Review releases symposium issue on the Electoral College

I’ll highlight some more academic work this weekend. Up first: It was a pleasure to participate in this terrific event with a fantastic lineup! Volume 15, Issue 1 of the Harvard Law & Policy Review is here.

Lawrence Lessig, Foreword

Guy-Uriel E. Charles & Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer, Chiafalo: Constitutionalizing Historical Gloss in Law & Democratic Politics

Rebecca Green, Liquidating Elector Discretion

Michael T. Morley, The Framers’ Inadvertent Gift: The Electoral College and the Constitutional Infirmities of the National Popular Vote Compact

Derek T. Muller, The Electoral College and the Federal Popular Vote

Rob Richie, Patrick Hynds, Stevie DeGroff, David O’Brien, & Jeremy Seitz-Brown, Toward A More Perfect Union: Integrating Ranked Choice Voting with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Samuel S.-H. Wang & Jacob S. Canter, The Best Laid Plans: Unintended Consequences of the American Presidential Selection System

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