“Senate Republicans block effort by Democrats to advance voting and election bill”


Senate Republicans blocked an attempt by Democrats to advance their signature voting and elections overhaul bill in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

This was an effort by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrats in the chamber to put Republicans on the record on the voting rights package and to demonstrate that they are still trying to pass it despite stiff GOP opposition, a priority for the party and the Biden administration.

Schumer said that it was his “intention that the first amendment to the bill would be the text of a compromise bill that a group of senators are working on,” adding, “We are witnessing the most sweeping and coordinated attacks on voting rights since the era of Jim Crow.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke on the floor to denounce the effort by Democrats, saying, “Here in the dead of night, they also want to start tearing up the ground rules of our democracy and writing new ones of course on a purely partisan basis.” He also slammed efforts by Democrats to pass the budget resolution.

The Senate then voted 50 to 49 and the motion to discharge was agreed to at which point Schumer asked for unanimous consent to proceed to immediate consideration of the version of the voting bill that Senate Republicans blocked in a procedural vote when Democrats tried to advance it in June. Cruz objected to the request.

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