Dan Balz on DOJ notes: more to learn

Balz observes that new details on the period leading up to January 6 will be crucial to developing a full picture of Trump’s efforts to deny Biden his victory: “The new information is a reminder … that not everything he did was done in plain sight. How much more is there?”

Balz also cautions that Trump’s efforts are still ongoing: “For months, Trump has been on a political jihad. It began the night of the election and has never ended.”

For anyone who doubts that Trump and his supporters remain a serious threat, Balz provides a succinct and useful summary of what we know so far: “every such piece of evidence that comes to light adds to the pattern of a president obsessed with having lost the election and willing, even determined, to undermine the integrity of the election process — of democracy itself.”

Also: a separate story in the Washington Post discusses the issue of the Select Committee issuing subpoenas to members of Congress.

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