Senator Mike Lee Demanded That Sen. Padilla and I Apologize for Saying Justice Alito’s Brnovich Decision Goes Against Textualism and Is Not Faithful to the Voting Rights Act; I Doubled Down on the Claim

This all happened at Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee hearing on voting rights after Brnovich and Shelby County.

You can watch Senator Padilla ask me the initial question in the video at the 2:56:42 mark.

Senator Lee’s rant, where he demands an apology for my analysis (and suggests the statement was made with reckless disregard for the truth and that Justice Alito is one of the finest Justices to ever serve on the Court) begins at the 3:03:19 mark.

My response (not from Senator Lee, but from Senator Blumenthal, the chair of the committee who asked me to respond) begins at the 3:25:46 mark.

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