Letter in Support of Nomination of Myrna Perez for United States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit

I rarely write such letters but felt compelled to write this one. A snippet:

From all of my observations, I can say that Ms. Pérez’s skills as a lawyer, advocate, and thinker are consistently excellent. She possesses a keen legal mind, understanding nuanced points of law and crafting fine-tuned legal arguments responsive to applicable legal standards and judicial precedent. She has deep respect for the rule of law and shows great appreciation for the role of the federal courts in both safeguarding rights and assuring fair procedures. She is an effective advocate for her clients’ positions, and a champion of justice.

Ms. Pérez also has the right judicial temperament. Her work is measured and careful, always avoiding hyperbole and rancor that often infects discussions of voting issues. She will be a fair judge, considering all arguments and offering rulings consistent with constitutional and statutory imperatives. She will be committed to justice for all litigants before her, regardless of their backgrounds. And she will be a collegial judge, committed to working on appellate panels to achieve consensus where possible, and respectful disagreement when not.

In short, Ms. Pérez is an inspired choice for a Second Circuit judgeship. I urge her swift confirmation with broad bipartisan support.

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