“All eyes are on Georgia. Again.”


The fight over the future of elections in Georgia — and, some say, the soul of the nation — is playing out on multiple fronts, materializing as not only a political battle but also a legal battle, a legislative battle and a moral battle. And now, as businesses from Coke to Delta condemn the law, and Republicans threaten to retaliate by zapping their tax breaks, it’s become a corporate battle, too.

On Friday, the sports world got involved, when Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star Game and its draft out of the state. But not everyone, including Democratic Sen. Jon Ossoff, agrees that boycotts are the answer.

What’s happening here is being duplicated across the country — Georgia is among the 47 states where legislators have introduced more than 360 restrictive voting bills, according to a tally by the Brennan Center for Justice — and elected officials and voters across the country are paying attention.

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