“The COVID States Project #39: Public attitudes towards the storming of the Capitol building”

New from the Covid States Project:

Two-thirds of respondents believe that the election was conducted fairly, while one-third believed that it was not. However, this aggregate pattern obscures enormous partisan gaps. Fully 96% of Democrats reported that the election had been conducted fairly, compared with only 30% of Republicans (see Figure 1).

Overall, 59% disagree and 29% agree with the statement, “If votes were fairly counted, Donald Trump would have won the 2020 election.” Among partisans, however, 89% of Democrats disagree, versus only 18% of Republicans and 65% of Republicans agree (see Figure 2).,,,

Interestingly, while most respondents overall felt the elections were conducted fairly, many nonetheless voiced a variety of concerns about specific election integrity issues. Such concerns arose among all partisan groups, but Democrats and Republicans emphasized quite different issues (see Figure 3). Majorities of Democrats and Republicans were worried about measures that would reduce voting (voter suppression and intimidation), with Democrats somewhat more concerned (by 7-8 points). Democrats and Republicans were about equally concerned regarding foreign country interference (62% vs 61%). The big differences between Democrats and Republicans emerged with regard to the integrity of the votes that were cast. Republicans were much more worried than Democrats about mail-in voter fraud (80% vs. 32%), illegal votes from non-citizens (79% vs. 33%), and inaccurate or biased vote counts (79% vs 36%).


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