Pennsylvania, Opposing Trump Effort to Expedite Consideration of One of Its Bonkers Election Challenges, Calls Argument About Trump’s Delay “Profoundly Incoherent”

The opposition also says this:

The Trump Campaign threatens that “if this matter is not timely resolved, not only Petitioner, but the Nation as a whole may suffer injury from the resulting confusion.” Motion at 5. But it is the Trump Campaign that has manufactured this confusion through its baseless attacks on the election, and now seeks to rely on that confusion to obtain relief. The Trump Campaign may seek refuge by constructing an alternative reality with alternative electors, but this Court should not indulge that effort. In courts of law, facts, evidentiary standards, legal doctrines, and the constitutionally prescribed method for electing the President of the United States are fundamental. As is deference to the will of the voters. Pennsylvania voters have made their choice for President, and that choice was ratified by the only Electoral College that actually exists.

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