“Trump’s Last Gasp Will Fail”

Jerry Goldfeder NYDN oped:

Biden shouldn’t worry. Even if Trump supporters can get the required members of Congress to sign on to such objections, and the safe harbor protections are ignored, these protests will still not change the outcome.

That’s because both the House and Senate have to approve any objection, and that will not happen. The new Congress is seated on Jan. 3. The House, controlled by Democrats, will reject any objection. The make-up of the Senate, meanwhile, is still up for grabs. If both Democrats clearly win the Georgia run-offs on Jan. 5, the Senate will be 50-50. It is doubtful that Pence is legally able to break a tie in this circumstance, but if he tries to, or if the Democrats don’t prevail in the previous day’s elections, the Senate will be Republican. No matter what, though, it is hard to believe that enough Republican senators would approve the objection to Pennsylvania’s slate — and it will, therefore, be defeated in both chambers.

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