Breaking: Supreme Court Will Not Hear Kansas Case (Formerly Known as Fish v. Kobach) Striking Down Law Requiring Documentary Proof of Citizenship Before Registering to Vote

This is great news. No noted, dissents, and Justice Gorsuch did not participate (perhaps he dealt with the case earlier on the 10th Circuit).

In my book Election Meltdown, I talked about how the trial in the case was the most important one so far this century, because it was the chance for members of the Fraudulent Fraud Squad to come up with evidence to actually prove in court under the rules of evidence that voter fraud is a major problem.

They came up totally empty.

The law had already disenfranchised 30,000 Kansans before a federal court stopped it and prevented no appreciable amount of fraud.

It’s a great day for Dale Ho and his ACLU team, and a greater day for American democracy.


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