Josh Douglas: “Trump is the true perpetrator of election fraud”

New Josh Douglas for CNN:

Yes, there is election fraud. It’s coming from inside the White House.

President Donald Trump’s attempts to steal the election and win another term are exceedingly unlikely to work. But he is already succeeding in undermining key democratic norms on which our society functions by questioning the results without evidence, falsely alleging voter fraud, and, according to the Washington Post, even reaching out to a local election official charged with certifying results.

Trump, who clearly lost the presidential election by large electoral and popular vote margins, has filed lawsuits in numerous battleground states that have largely gone nowhere. He has lied about massive voter fraud, which doesn’t exist. His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, even suggested that his goal is to delay certification of the results, enabling Republican legislators to thwart the will of the people and simply award Trump the Electoral College votes he needs to win — an anti-democratic idea that is bound to fail given statements from Republican legislators in key states and Democratic governors who won’t go along with attempts to undermine the electoral process.

And perhaps in the most egregious action to date, Trump personally called Republican Monica Palmer, a local election official in Wayne County, Michigan, after which she sought to change her vote on whether to certify the results.


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