“Trump campaign revises Pennsylvania suit, again”

Josh Gerstein for Politico:

President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed yet another version of its lawsuit over the election results in Pennsylvania, now contending that he should be named the victor in the presidential contest there or that the state legislature be given the authority to assign the state’s 20 electoral votes.

The third iteration of the suit also restores legal claims dropped in the second version that the campaign’s constitutional rights were violated because of allegedly inadequate access for observers during the processing of mail-in ballots.

The new complaint claims 1.5 million mail-in or absentee votes in seven Pennsylvania counties “should not have been counted” and that the disputed votes resulted “in returns indicating Biden won Pennsylvania.”

The new pleading also continues to pursue an unusual tack for Republicans: invoking international standards to assess the legitimacy of U.S. election procedures. Trump campaign lawyers also leveled bitter criticism at a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision Tuesday that found, by a vote of 5-2, that access for election observers was adequate even if they could not see the details of individual ballots.

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