“Disinformation and falsehoods about Biden’s victory flood social media and search engines.”


As President Trump and his team continue to circulate fabricated claims of a stolen election and voter fraud, their allies are flooding the internet search engines and social media with falsehoods intended to question the legitimacy of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory.

This dynamic — the Trump team broadcasting misinformation, which is then plugged into the high-wattage amplifier of social media— was a defining feature of Mr. Trump’s campaign and administration and has, if anything, intensified in the wake of his defeat.

One particular brazen example surfaced early Tuesday. Some users who entered the search phrase “Biden loses PA” into Google — not an uncommon search given Mr. Trump’s claims — were directed to a page topped with a YouTube video entitled “Biden Loses Pennsylvania and Loses President-Elect Status.”

If the term “Biden loses” is entered, another video entitled “Breaking News!!! Biden Loses President-Elect Status” message appears for some users as the top video result.

These claims are false.


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