“Trump campaign urges supporters to ‘stay at the ready’ to protest, asks for legal fund contributions”


Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien urged supporters to be ready to attend protests or rallies that the campaign is “propping up around the country” in a call Saturday with allies and surrogates, according to audio obtained by The Washington Post.

“Stay at the ready,” Stepien said. “At a moment’s instance, we may need your help at protests in your states, to make sure the president is represented and our side of the argument is shown. Support rallies or other things that we are propping up around the country.”

“Rallies to show support for the president are also things we are encouraging around the country,” he added.

Stepien took a pugilistic tone — saying the president was prepared to keep battling, even as the race is called for Biden.

“Just be at the ready at a moment’s notice. We may need your help and support on the ground, waving the flag and yelling the president’s name in support,” Stepien said.

He encouraged donors to contribute to the legal defense fund for the president and to distribute a campaign hotline for potential fraud cases so they could have evidence in various states.

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