Plaintiffs in Texas Voting Case File 5th Circuit Motion for an Emergency Injunction, Asking (for Now) Only for a Ban on the Practice on Election Day [Updated with 5th Circuit Denial But 9 of 10 Drive Thru Locations Closed]

Read the brief, asking for relief tonight, before Election Day, but limited: “Plaintiffs respectfully requests that this Court reverse the order below which found a lack of standing by Plaintiffs to challenge drive-thru voting on Election Day, and to issue a preliminary injunction banning drive-thru voting on Election Day, November 3, 2020.”

My earlier coverage is here.

Update: Here is the opposition.

And Harris County Clerk is closing 9 of 10 drive-thru locations given this new uncertainty.

Final update: Late last night the Fifth Circuit denied the emergency request without comment.

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