“Deceptively Edited Video of Biden Proliferates on Social Media”


A video of Joseph R. Biden Jr. deceptively edited to make it appear as though he were admitting to voter fraud was viewed more than 17 million times on social media platforms, according to Avaaz, a progressive human-rights nonprofit that studied the video.

The video was an edited clip from an Oct. 24 appearance by Mr. Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, on the podcast “Pod Save America.” When asked about efforts to bolster election security, Mr. Biden gave a long answer and discussed Obama administration efforts to protect against voter fraud. He added that he had put together “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

The deceptively edited video featuring that part of his statement — taken out of context to make it appear that Mr. Biden supported voter fraud — was shared on dozens of right-wing YouTube channels, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. It was not clear on Monday who had made the edited video.

A spokesman for Mr. Biden’s campaign clarified that he, as seen in the full video, was discussing his efforts to prevent voter fraud.


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