#2DaysOut: Full List of Symposium Contributions

#2DaysOut: “Reflections from Philadelphia” (Tabatha Abu el-Haj)

#2DaysOut: “Three Things on My Mind” (Guy-Uriel Charles)

#2DaysOut: “How to Draw the Line on a State Legislature’s Electoral Power?” (Ned Foley)

#2DaysOut: “Democracy or Authoritarianism?” (Jim Gardner)

#2Days Out: My New One at Slate: “Trump Can’t Just ‘Declare’ Victory” (Rick Hasen)

#2DaysOut: “So Far” (Sam Issacharoff)

#2DaysOut: “This Election Illustrates a Deeper Problem” (Pam Karlan)

#2DaysOut: “Voters Give Reason to Celebrate an Election That’s Not” (Justin Levitt)

#2DaysOut: “The Vulnerabilities and Indeterminacy of the Presidential Election Process” (Michael Morley)

#2DaysOut: “A Ballot Dispute in the Making?” (Derek Muller)

#2DaysOut My Closing Perspective, in the WSJ, on Voting and the Election (Rick Pildes)

#2DaysOut: “The Textual Problem with the Presidential Version of the Independent State Legislature Argument” (Nick Stephanopoulos)

#2DaysOut: “Ten Things to Watch for on (and after) Election Day” (Dan Tokaji)

#2DaysOut: “Worried About Tuesday’s Election? Not Me.” (Franita Tolson)


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