“‘It’s getting really bad’: Fake threats trigger fear for Spanish-speaking Trump backers”

Miami Herald:

In private messaging apps and social media, Spanish-speaking residents in South Florida have been exposed to a barrage of deceptive claims — a voter disinformation tactic that could last until Election Day.

The latest example is an anonymous message that emerged in WhatsApp chats this week that threatens Spanish-speaking supporters of President Donald Trump. The claims have rattled some Hispanics in South Florida even as experts warn of the claims’ falsehoods.

The threat closely mirrors false, often racist and anti-Semitic, narratives peddled in local Spanish media where some hosts and political pundits have suggested a vote for former Vice President Joe Biden would mean supporting a violent takeover of the country.

Alternatively, recent intimidating messages suggest Trump supporters will become the target of crimes by an anonymous groupif the president loses and refuses to concede.

In South Florida, some Hispanic Trump supporters are taking those threats seriously, citing traumatizing violent experiences they’ve had in their home countries. This is concerning family members who are growing worried about the toll fake scams and unsubstantiated threats are taking on their relatives.


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