“Luzerne County Council votes to withdraw motion for Justice Barrett’s recusal”

PA Home Page:

After a second vote, Luzerne County Council voted 7-4 to withdraw the motion to request Justice Barrett’s recusal in the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding the mail-in ballot extension….

Councilmen Walter Griffith and Haas spoke up saying the county needed to discuss the motion before it was filed. Moran said the recusal request was his idea, and notified county manager David Pedri about it. Hass proposed a motion encouraging the county manager to tell outside counsel to withdraw the motion immediately but the motion failed.

Councilmembers questioned whether Moran’s filing was politically motivated, bringing up his numerous donations to the Biden campaign. Moran says his only motive is to fight for Luzerne County in court.

No notation of withdrawal appears yet on the Supreme Court docket.


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