“Postal Service and State Officials Feud Over Mail Voting as Election Looms”


The Postal Service postcard urging voters to “plan ahead” if they intended to vote by mail seemed innocuous enough.

But not to Colorado’s secretary of state, Jena Griswold, who dispatched her staff to call the Postal Service trying to stop it — a request that was denied — and then sued the agency in an effort to halt its delivery, arguing that the mailer was filled with misinformation that would disenfranchise voters in her state.

Such is the toxic state of the relationship between some state and local election administrators in both parties and the Postal Service six weeks before Election Day, as officials throughout the country scramble to prepare for what is expected to be an unprecedented flood of mail-in ballots in an extraordinary pandemic-era election.

The feuding suggests a pre-emptive blame game between the nation’s mail-delivery agency and those charged with administering and counting the vote, as the prospect of an operational and political crackup looms in November.


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