FEC Chair Trey Trainor Calls U.S. Catholic Bishops Corrupt for Directives Limiting Church Political Activity (Trainor Also Attacks Mail Balloting)

Church Militant interviews Trey Trainor on video:

The Marxist Left is going to have a complete and total meltdown over this. Church Militant sat down recently in our studios with the chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Trey Trainor (a Trump appointee), who set the record straight. 

This is blockbuster material because of its truthfulness and straight-up candor. The chairman of the Federal Election Commission is calling out the U.S. hierarchy for what amounts to deception. The motive? In short, the U.S. bishops have, in exchange for money, sold out their obligation to preach the truth.

Our Lord was right, of course. You cannot serve two masters, God and Mammon. You will either love one and despise the other or hate one and love the other. Chairman Trainor says the current practice of bishops silencing priests — like Fr. Altman — who call out Biden’s evil and pretending it’s about their non-profit status is simply a red herring.

Trainor had posted some controversial religious statements before he was nominated for the FEC. See my Sept. 2014 post, “Trump FEC Pick’s Twitter Goes Dark After Users Spot Anti-Protestant Links.”

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