“Fact-checking William Barr: Is your vote no longer secret with mail-in ballots?”


Attorney General William Barr has become one of the staunchest supporters of the President’s campaign against mail-in voting. Speaking in Phoenix on Thursday, Barr continued to push false and negative narratives about mail-in voting.

“There’s no more secret vote, there’s no secret vote,” Barr said. “Your name is associated with a particular ballot. The government and the people involved can find out and know how you voted. And it opens up the door to coercion.”

Rick Hasen, a University of California-Irvine, professor and one of the nation’s top experts in election law, told CNN, “There is no validity to this claim and it shows once again that either AG Barr has not done even a rudimentary amount of research into how mail-in balloting actually works or he’s deliberately obfuscating.”

Of Barr’s claim that “governments and the people involved” can find out how someone voted, Charles Stewart, a political science professor at MIT, said “that’s just incorrect, if people follow the law.”


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