“Trump’s New Election Law Pitbull Goes to War With Transparency Groups; Trey Trainor is accusing groups like Common Cause and CREW of trying to force the FEC into enacting a liberal agenda.”

Daily Beast:

Donald Trump’s first addition to the nation’s top election regulator has launched a broadside against anti-corruption groups that, he claims, are trying to advance a left-wing agenda by attempting to spur enforcement of federal election laws.

Trey Trainor, the Federal Election Commission’s newest commissioner and its current chairman, released a blistering statement Wednesday going after a number of those nonprofits by name. “There are several organizations dedicated to limiting the free-speech rights of Americans by changing the nation’s campaign-finance laws,” Trainor wrote. “They seek to change policy not by making the most persuasive case, but by seeking to silence those with whom they disagree by whatever means necessary.”

The 11-page statement was a remarkable broadside not just against the groups themselves, but also against fellow FEC commissioners past and present, whom Trainor accused of conspiring with the transparency organizations he singled out—Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, and Democracy 21—to undermine the commission and impose ideologically driven restrictions on American free-speech rights.

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