Super Election Lawyer Ben Ginsberg Retire from Jones Day

Scoop from Politico Playbook:

NOTE FROM LONGTIME REPUBLICAN ELECTION LAWYER BEN GINSBERG: “I am retiring today from Jones Day, a truly special place I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of for the past six years. It’s been a wonderful 38-year legal career where I’ve been in the arena for some of the greatest political and legal matters of our time. I’ve had more interesting representations and worked with more amazing people than I ever could have dreamed. But my timing is not accidental and I look forward to writing, teaching, consulting, commenting and, most of all, playing with our four wonderful grandchildren.”

Superstar election lawyer Ben, who served as national counsel for the Romney 2012 campaign, has been an important voice in recent years in bipartisan approaches to improving elections. (He and Bob Bauer headed a bipartisan commission that issued a key report on improving American elections.)

I hope that with him no longer working for Jones Day (which has represented President Trump’s campaign—though I don’t think ben had anything to do with that), he will be free to speak his mind on important election integrity issues of the day. In any case I look forward to what he has to say and to in coming years.


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