“One Billionaire vs. the Mail A new report details Charles Koch’s 50-year war on the U.S. Postal Service”


This year, the Postal Service will also be essential to the national elections, as more Americans than ever opt to vote by mail because of the coronavirus. Weakening, privatizing, or eliminating the Postal Service at this critical time could severely damage the right to vote, an alternative benefit to the Koch network, which is funding a dark-money network called the “Honest Elections Project,” designed to ramp up dubious concerns about voter fraud and ultimately suppress votes.

Even in states with well-established vote-by-mail systems, like in Washington, Secretary of State Kim Wyman told the Prospect in May that there are concerns that their voting procedures could not be carried out by any other private service.

Without action from Congress, the financial problems of the Postal Service could mean problems for everyone and could even influence who serves as the next president. The current postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has no experience in the Postal Service but instead was a major donor to the RNC and the Trump for Victory PAC. DeJoy was handpicked by Trump in May and is largely seen as an ally of the president’s and the antiremote voting efforts.


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