“IRS Rule Change Could Aid Foreign Election Meddling, Critics Say”


Transparency advocates are looking for a legislative fix after the IRS approved a rule they say opens the door to allow politically active nonprofits to take foreign money to influence U.S. elections, without being detected.

“At a time when over $10 billion total is expected to be spent during this election season, the requirement that organizations (like the National Rifle Association) report their donors to the IRS was key to ensuring that the foreign-money ban on elections was enforced,” Campaign Legal Center President Trevor Potter said in a statement.

“Congress must now step up and strengthen our transparency rules to ensure foreigners aren’t using opaque tax-exempt organizations to meddle in our elections,” Meredith McGehee, executive director of the nonprofit Issue One, said in a statement.

Others hailed the move, which was announced Tuesday, saying it would prevent accidental disclosure of information always meant to be confidential.

“Everyone has the right to support social causes without being harassed,” David Keating, president of the nonprofit Institute for Free Speech, said in a statement.

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