“Double-office seeker Dan Quart tries to get 22-year-old challenger thrown off Assembly ballot”


Already hedging his bets by running for two offices this year, Assemblyman Dan Quart is looking to boot one of his challengers from the Democratic primary ballot.

Quart — who’s seeking re-election to the Assembly at the same time he’s running for Manhattan DA — says his Assembly challenger, 22-year-old Yale grad Cameron Koffman, hasn’t been a New York resident long enough to qualify for the job….

State law requires Assembly members to have lived in the state for at least five years. Quart claims Koffman doesn’t fit the bill because he registered to vote in Connecticut while he was studying at Yale.

Koffman has pushed back against Quart’s move in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit that insists that he remained a New York resident even while he was at Yale. “[T]o register to vote in Connecticut, Koffman was not required to swear or attest that Connecticut was his primary residence,” the suit says.

There is also a federal lawsuit about this case.


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