“Trump’s DOJ Has Not Filed A Single New Voting Rights Act Case”

Tierney Sneed for TPM:

The apparent refusal of President Trump’s Justice Department to engage in any meaningful, public enforcement of the Voting Rights Act has taken Republicans’ general hostility to the law to a whole new level.

The DOJ has not filed a single new Voting Rights Act case since the Trump administration took over — setting it apart from the last several administrations, Republican and Democratic.

While it did some litigating of cases under other election laws in the first half of the administration, the Justice Department’s Voting Section has not brought any new cases since 2018.

The current dry spell in DOJ voting rights enforcement is unprecedented, according to the DOJ’s own public record and what former voting section officials told TPM.

“It’s not that there is an absence of enforcement opportunities. Private plaintiffs continue to bring cases, some quite vigorously,” said Justin Levitt, an election law professor who served as a deputy assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division under President Obama. “The fact the department is currently involved in none of them is disturbing.”


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