“Trey Trainor’s nomination to the FEC will only make matters worse”

Issue One:

In response to the news that Senate Republicans will hold a confirmation hearing next week for Federal Election Commission (FEC) nominee Trey Trainor, Issue One Executive Director Meredith McGehee released the following statement:

“It is unacceptable that the watchdog for our federal elections has been without a quorum to conduct even the most basic business for more than six months. But reopening the Federal Election Commission with a nominee who does not think we should enforce the nation’s campaign finance laws will only make matters worse.

“The best way to protect our elections — and increase public confidence in them — is for the president to nominate, and the Senate to confirm, individuals who will put their constitutional oaths to uphold the law above personal ideological views. Anything short of that will only continue the dysfunction at the FEC.”

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