“Election Meltdown, Part 5; Doomsday scenarios and hopeful actions in the final part of our voting-rights series.”

You can listen to the final episode of the Election Meltdown podcast (in conjunction with Dahlia Lithwick and Slate Amicus) at this link. From the Episode Notes:

In the fifth and final part of this special series of Amicus, Dahlia Lithwick is joined live on stage in Washington by former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, MacArthur fellow Professor Danielle Citron of Boston University law school, director of the ACLU’s voting-rights initiative Dale Ho, and election law professor Rick Hasen of the University of California, Irvine. Together, they pick themselves up from the rug of despair with a pile of can-do fixes for the stress points threatening the integrity of U.S. elections.

Rick Hasen’s new book Election Meltdown forms the basis for this special series of Amicus.

Podcast production by Sara Burningham

I want to offer my deep appreciation to producer Sara Burningham and co-host Dahlia Lithwick for a series that has far exceeded my expectations when I first thought turning my book into a podcast series. Dahlia’s wit and wisdom made the topic as entertaining as it was terrifying and Sara is a brilliant producer who could take a string of random thoughts and make them into a coherent and beautifully produced story. Thanks as well to Gabriel Roth of Slate podcasts for supporting the project. And thanks to all those who gave interviews and participated in the Slate Live! event.

Here is the full list of Election Meltdown episodes (although there will be two more bonus episodes coming for Slate Plus members):

Episode 1, The voter fraud that wasn’t, the voter suppression that is. 
Episode 2, Paper jams, lost forms, and lost boxes—incompetence and elections
Episode 3, Delving into the big bag of dirty tricks ahead of the 2020 election
Episode 4, Rhetoric and reality: When is it OK to say an election was ‘stolen’?
Episode 5, Doomsday scenarios and hopeful actions in the final part of our voting-rights series.

Bonus Episode 1 (Slate Plus) (Interview with Matt Dunlap)
Bonus Episode 2 (Slate Plus) (Interview with Jocelyn Benson)
Bonus Episode 3 (Slate Plus) (Interview with Brendan Nyhan)
Bonus Episode 4 (Slate Plus) (Interview with Dale Ho)


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