In an “Ominous” Coincidence, the Iowa Election Meltdown Occurred on the Day of My “Election Meltdown” Book Launch. Some Media Discussing Both

Today was the release day of Election Meltdown. Thanks to the Iowa debacle I did a lot of media. Here is some of it.

Pam Fessler, NPR’s All Things Considered, Iowa Meltdown Raises Red Flags for Elections Going Forward

Associated Press, Online Conspiracy Theories Flourish After Iowa Caucus Fiasco:

“Democracy depends on the losers accepting election results,” said University of California, Irvine, Professor Richard Hasen, whose book “Election Meltdown” was published Tuesday in what he said was an ominous coincidence. “Now we’re starting off the election season with seeds of doubt, which is terrible.”

The Nation “Start Making Sense” Podcast with Jon Weiner, Iowa is Only One Example of What May Go Wrong on Nov. 3: Rick Hasen

Madeline Brand, KCRW Press Play, Is It Time to Get Rid of the Caucus System Entirely?

Andy Kroll, Rolling Stone, Dempocalypse Now

David Graham, The Atlantic, Why the Iowa Caucus Birthed a Thousand Conspiracy Theories

Sean Illing, Vox, “No matter what, there will be persistent doubts about how this process was carried out”; An expert explains how the Iowa debacle underscores the great danger of the 2020 election.

Greg Sargent, Washington Post, Lindsey Graham’s Iowa deception shows Trump’s corruption of GOP

Christian Science Monitor, Iowa caucus debacle a wake-up call for American democracy

Jonathan Lai, Philadelphia Inquirer, What Pennsylvania can learn from Iowa’s caucus debacle — and the conspiracy theories that followed

The list does not include additional podcasts and radio segments which will air tomorrow or later, or the Brennan Center book talk I gave today with interviewer Victoria Bassetti which will be released as a podcast soon.

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