New Issue of Election Law Journal

Now available. The contents of 18:4:

  • Segregated Ballots for Voters with Disabilities? An Analysis of Policies and Use of the ExpressVote Ballot Marking Device, by Jonathan Lazar
  • Diversifying the Donor Pool: How Did Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program Reshape Participation in Municipal Campaign Finance?, by Brian J. McCabe and Jennifer A. Heerwig
  • Voter Identification and Nonvoting in Wisconsin—Evidence from the 2016 Election, by Michael G. DeCrescenzo and Kenneth R. Mayer
  • “No Man Can Be the Judge of His Own Cause”: Applying the Principles of Due Process to Our Elections, by Molly C. Greathead
  • Declination as a Metric to Detect Partisan Gerrymandering, by Marion Campisi, Andrea Padilla, Thomas Ratliff, and Ellen Veomett
  • Locating the Representational Baseline: Republicans in Massachusetts, by Moon Duchin, Taissa Gladkova, Eugene Henninger-Voss, Ben Klingensmith, Heather Newman, and Hannah Wheelen

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