“Citing errors, Iowa removes list of felon voters amid review”


Iowa election officials have stopped using a long-flawed database of felons who are ineligible to vote as they rebuild it from scratch.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office removed the database, which contained more than 100,000 entries, from the statewide voter registration system on Jan. 3.

Workers are recreating the list by reviewing each entry and adding back those that are verified felony convictions. They hope to complete the review before the November election.

More from the Des Moines Register, which notes the challenge of verifying eligibility for participating in the February 3 Iowa caucus.

In related news, KCAU-TV reports “a backlog of over 300 [restoration] applications sitting on the … desk” of Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, which she reportedly plans to get through before the caucus.


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