“Election experts urge Trump, congressional leaders to end stalemate at FEC”

The Hill:

Lobbyists and lawyers who specialize in U.S. elections wrote to President Trump and congressional leaders on Monday, urging the confirmation of another federal election commissioner to end “an untenable situation.”

The Federal Election Commission (FEC), the government’s campaign watchdog organization, only has three out of six commissioners, one shy of a quorum. Former FEC Vice President Matthew Peterson resigned in August and, since then, the organization has been unable to do its job, which is to enforce campaign laws.

Among the things the FEC apparently can’t do without a quorum: approve the distribution of public financing dollars for presidential campaigns opting into the system.

The letter is here (h/t to Alex Gangitano at The Hill), with an exceedingly impressive (and legitimately bipartisan) list of signatories.

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