Federal court issues preliminary injunction against 2018 NC voter ID law

The law, enacted over the Governor’s veto, usually requires a qualifying photo ID to vote.  As compared to the previous ID law passed in the wake of Shelby County and invalidated in 2016, it expands the list of acceptable IDs (to a list of 10 different types, though with limits on student and government employee IDs) and the means of getting a free ID, applies to absentee as well as in-person ballots, and allows for a voter with a reasonable impediment to getting a photo ID to say so at the polls in order to vote a ballot that should count … if the administrative process works smoothly. 

The court enjoined the law as the product of discriminatory intent, but found that the proven impact was (at least at the preliminary stage) insufficient to make out a “results” violation of section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Stay tuned for the inevitable appeal.

[UPDATE: There we go.]

Coverage of the federal court’s decision is here, here, and here.  The order itself is here.


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