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As of: 03 Oct 2019 – 02 Dec 2019

1.Why Trump Does Not Need the Popular Vote to Retain the White House in 2020
Christopher Zambakari
The Zambakari Advisory, LLCDate Posted: 14 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 14 Oct 2019
2.Hardball and/as Anti-Hardball
David Pozen
Columbia University – Law SchoolDate Posted: 27 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 27 Nov 2019
3.Why the Nineteenth Amendment Matters Today: A Citizen’s Guide for the Centennial
Neil Siegel
Duke University School of LawDate Posted: 02 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 24 Nov 2019
4.Our Campaign Finance Nationalism
Eugene D. Mazo
Rutgers Law SchoolDate Posted: 08 Nov 2019
Last Revised: 08 Nov 2019
5.The Signature of Gerrymandering in Rucho v. Common Cause
Andrew ChinGregory Herschlag and Jonathan Mattingly
University of North Carolina School of Law, Duke University and Duke UniversityDate Posted: 08 Nov 2019
Last Revised: 08 Nov 2019
6.Dirty Thinking about Law & Democracy in Rucho v. Common Cause
Guy-Uriel E. Charles and Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer
Duke University School of Law and Indiana University Maurer School of LawDate Posted: 14 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 14 Nov 2019
7.Foreign Corruption of the Political Process Through Social Welfare Organizations
Norman I. Silber
Hofstra University School of LawDate Posted: 08 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 20 Nov 2019
8.Court-Packing and Democratic Erosion
Thomas M. Keck
Syracuse University – Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public AffairsDate Posted: 13 Nov 2019
Last Revised: 13 Nov 2019
9.First Amendment (Un)Exceptionalism: A Comparative Taxonomy of Campaign Finance Reform Proposals in the US and UK
Lori A. Ringhand
University of Georgia School of LawDate Posted: 28 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 05 Nov 2019
10.A Tax Lesson for Election Law
Ellen P. Aprill
Loyola Law School Los AngelesDate Posted: 28 Oct 2019
Last Revised: 28 Oct 2019

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