Republicans Snag Working Families Party Ballot Line Through Write-Ins in Local NY Election

Working Families Party leadership is telling party members that the two Southampton Town Board candidates who will appear on its line on the November 5 ballot do not represent the party’s values — and they should vote for someone else.

Dahlia McManus, the deputy director of the party, sent a letter to party members asking them to vote for incumbent Town Councilman John Bouvier, who will appear on the Democratic Party line.

Even though the party endorsed Mr. Bouvier earlier this year, a primary was held for two people to run for Town Board under the party line. Mr. Bouvier was listed on the primary ballot, while the other slot was left open for write-in candidates.

As a result, Republican Party candidates Richard Martel and Charles McArdle collected more votes than Mr. Bouvier, and he lost the endorsement on the ballot.


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