Live Webcast of Harvard Law School Electoral College Symposium Coming Saturday

You will be able to find the webcast at this link on Saturday.

Here is the agenda:

Friday, October 18th (5:15 PM – 6:45 PM)
5:15 PM     Welcome Reception

Saturday, October 19th (9:00 AM – 5:30 PM)
A light, continental breakfast will be available starting at 8:45 AM.

9:00 AM    Introductory Remarks
Danielle Root (Associate Director, Voting Rights for Democracy and  Government at the Center for American Progress)

9:15 AM     Panel I: The Electoral College and Majority Rule: Past, Present, and Future
Edward Foley (Professor, Ohio State University Moritz College of Law)
Jack Rakove (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University)
Franita Tolson (Professor, USC Gould School of Law)
Sam Wang (Professor, Princeton University)
Sean Wilentz (Professor, Princeton University)
10:45 AM     Break

11:00 AM     Panel II: Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? A Discussion
Alexander Keyssar (Professor, Harvard University)
David Boies (Chairman, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP)Barry Burden (Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Daniel Carpenter (Professor, Harvard University)
Charles Stewart (Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
12:30 PM     Keynote Luncheon with Professor Lawrence Lessig & Political Consultant Stuart Stevens

2:00 PM     Panel III: The National Popular Vote Compact and the Electoral College: End Run or Dead End?
Richard Hasen (Professor, University of California-Irvine School of Law)
Amel Ahmed (Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
Reed Hundt (Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission)
Derek T. Muller (Associate Professor, Pepperdine School of Law)
Rob Richie (President & CEO, FairVote)
3:30 PM     Break

3:45 PM     Panel IV: Courting & Selecting the Electoral College
Samuel Issacharoff (Professor, New York University School of Law)
Victoria Bassetti (Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice)
Guy-Uriel Charles (Professor, Duke University School of Law)
Rebecca Green (Professor of Practice, William & Mary Law School)
Danielle Lang (Voting Rights & Redistricting Co-Director, Campaign Legal Center)

5:15 PM     Concluding Remarks
Jesse Wegman (Editorial Board Member, New York Times)


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