FEC Deadlocks Over Advisory Opinion on Tom Price Attempt to Transfer Congressional Funds to Political 501(c)(4)


August 22, 2019
On August 22, 2019, the Commission considered an advisory opinion request (AOR) from Price for Congress, the principal campaign committee of former Rep. Dr. Thomas Price. The request asked if the committee could contribute funds to establish and operate a 501(c)(4) organization that would publish research, presentations, and other publications concerning health and budget policy matters under Price’s name. The Commission was unable to render an opinion by the required four affirmative votes and concluded its consideration of the request.
AOR 2019-10
Commission consideration of AOR 2019-10

Price can now go ahead and try to do this anyway, but he cannot claim he relied upon a green light from the FEC. (Many more aggressive political folks use FEC deadlock as a green light.)

If Price goes ahead, there could be an FEC complaint and lawsuits. But those will take a long time to resolve and Price might treat it as the cost of doing business.

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