“Key Voter Fraud Alarmist Pushing States To Adopt Anti-Immigrant Redistricting Change”


Hans von Spakovsky — a former member of President Trump’s voter fraud commission known for overhyping claims of mass voter fraud — is encouraging states to move forward with an anti-immigrant, GOP-friendly redistricting overhaul, using citizenship data the Census Bureau is planning to produce.

In an interview posted Friday, von Spakovsky acknowledged that such a change to redistricting would “probably” benefit Republicans. But he claimed that legislators should consider it because the current approach of using total population for redistricting is “fundamentally unfair” to citizens.

Von Spakovsky filmed the interview with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative organization that provides Republicans with blueprint legislation and in the past has pushed voter ID bills and other voter restrictions.

The group held a conference last week in Austin.

“One of the recommendations I made to [state legislators] is that they use citizen population when they’re drawing lines,” von Spakovsky said.



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