“Tiffany Cabán Concedes Queens D.A. Race, Dashing Progressives’ Hopes”


The pitched six-week battle for the Democratic nomination for Queens district attorney finally ended on Tuesday, when Tiffany Cabán, whose bid galvanized progressive activists nationwide and exposed deep rifts within the left, conceded to Melinda Katz, the favorite of the state party’s establishment….

That reversal spawned immediate recriminations from Ms. Cabán’s supporters. Prominent progressive activists and some elected officials used Twitter to accuse the county party of leveraging voter suppression and even voter fraud to help Ms. Katz, though there was no evidence of illegal behavior. Ms. Katz’s supporters, in turn, called Ms. Cabán’s backers liars, interlopers and extremists.

The slim vote margin triggered an automatic manual recount by the New York City Board of Elections, the first boroughwide recount in recent history. For two weeks, elections officials pored over every single ballot at an office in a strip mall in Queens. By the end, Ms. Katz had widened her lead to 60 votes.

But still Ms. Cabán refused to concede, her campaign filing a lawsuit to challenge dozens of ballots that the Board of Elections had invalidated for technical reasons. She said the suit would ensure that every valid vote was counted.

On Tuesday, it became clear that her pathway to victory via the courts had all but vanished, too. A judge, John G. Ingram, refused to reinstate most of the contested ballots, effectively ending any hope that Ms. Cabán could erase Ms. Katz’s lead.

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