Axios: Leonard Leo and Federalist Society Stalwarts “Shocked and Floored” By Trump’s Census Cave

Axios’s Jonathan Swan:

Top figures in the conservative legal community are stunned and depressed by President Trump’s cave in his fight for a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.
The state of play: Sources say Leonard Leo and other Federalist Society stalwarts were shocked and floored by how weak the decision was. “What was the dance … all about if this was going to be the end result?” a conservative leader asked.
“A total waste of everyone’s time. … It’s certainly going to give people pause the next time one has to decide how far to stick one’s neck out.”
One GOP strategist called it a “punch in the gut.”

Still not clear to me why the “conservative legal community” cared so much about this issue. Unless this was the reason.


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