Kobach Discussed with Trump Campaign Before 2016 Election the Issue of Adding Citizenship Question to Census; Trump Administration Asserts Privilege Over Answers About What Kobach Told Administration

Hansi Lo Wang:


More in this oversight committee memo:

When Mr. Kobach was asked whether he had additional meetings with the President or his aides other than those that have been publicly disclosed, his attorney stepped in to block him from answering, citing the direction from the White House and claiming that it was “privileged information.” He was asked again: “the question, just to be very clear, is whether there were
other meetings later, not the substance of those meetings, but whether there were other meetings after that first set of meetings.” In response, his attorney stated:

[H]e may have had other meetings, but he’s not going to reveal whether or not they involved the Census question. That’s privileged. The White House has asserted a complete privilege over those issues.


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