North Carolina: “State Board of Elections to oust executive director”


The state’s new Democratically controlled Board of Elections will move to oust its longtime executive director, a Republican appointee, next week.

Kim Strach, originally appointed by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in 2013, has technically been on borrowed time since the new board formed in January. Soon after the board’s first meeting, state law gave members the authority to reappoint Strach or appoint a new director to a new two-year term expiring in May 2021.

That new legislation was the result of a protracted court battle between Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and Republican leaders in the state legislature, as they sought control over appointments to the state elections board. Democrats now outnumber Republicans on the board 3-2.

It’s not yet clear whether the new executive director will replace Strach immediately or after some period of transition….

Strach took the helm of the agency after a newly Republican board booted her predecessor, Gary Bartlett, a Democrat who held the post for two decades.


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